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The Angelic Way provides a full range of courses designed to inspire, facilitate, nurture, and sculpt you into the life of your dreams. Basic courses ensure you have the necessary skills and awareness to experience your goals, and the additional courses suggested ensure you master them. This is your life. Give yourself the person you’ve always believed you would one day be.

Where do I start?

How quickly can I achieve results?

What can I do to achieve maximum results?

Are all courses required?

How often are courses offered?

What if my income is limited?

All courses are eligible for barter or scholarship as needed. Please visit our barter and scholarship page here for more information. We want everyone to benefit from these teachings.






  • Intro to The Angelic Way Open or Close

    Angel Connections

    One weekend, plus one weeknight: 210


  • Advance Angel Connections Open or Close

    Advanced Angel Connections

    Four weekends over four months: 460

  • Angelic Mastery Open or Close

    Angelic Mastery

    Twelve weekends over twelve months: 1625

  • The Angelic Way Leadership Program Open or Close

    Angelic Mastery

    Nine month daily program: 2400



  • Embracing Source Open or Close

    Six evenings: 2400

  • Wintering Your Rage Open or Close

    Twelve two-hour sessions: 225

  • Gluten-free Ego Open or Close

    Four sessions: 285

  • Destination: Unknown Open or Close

    Destination Unknown

    Three half days: 625

  • Harmonic Revelations Open or Close

    Harmonic Revelations

    Six evenings: 325

  • Thunderbolts of Love: The “Pow!” Course Open or Close

    Two evenings: 125

  • Blueprinting Divinity Open or Close

    Blueprinting Divinity

    Six two-hour sessions: 295

  • The Mastery of Mirrors Open or Close

    MAstering Mirrors

    Twelve three-hour sessions:445

  • Leaning Into Connection Open or Close

    Three evenings: 120

  • Love is the Only Reality Open or Close

    One full day: 160

  • Stillness as Art Open or Close

    Six sessions: 185

  • The Navigation of Silence Open or Close

    One full day, plus one evening: 225

  • Primed for Perpetual Health Open or Close

    Twelve sessions: 650

  • Perfecting the Pauses Open or Close

    Eight sessions: 425

  • The Eye of the Storm Open or Close

    Twelve two-hour sessions: 225

  • Painting with the Intensity of Rage Open or Close

    Painting with Rage

    Six evenings: 285

  • Divining Truth Open or Close

    Four sessions: 165

  • Seers – [Group Sessions Suggested] Open or Close

    Three evenings: 150



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